Social War Game is the first game in our playstrike gaming platform,

it is an online Facebook game based on the famous simple "War" game card but with a unique twist.
In the game your deck of cards will be a random 20 Facebook friends that you already know,

you can see their profile picture shown as the cover of the card, but you don’t know for sure what is their value.
When you click to play the card, its "PowerTag" reveals both to you and your opponent, the higher card on stage wins the round.

In case of a draw an additional card will be placed on the previews in the stage until one of the cards wins and take all opened cards on the stage.
The winner is the one who grab more cards to his opponent after he played his 20 cards (a battle).
The points are calculated by the "PowerTags" of the opponent cards that has been taken, plus a bonus points for each battle victory.


To make the game much interesting and fun we have added two Power Ups:

Joker – every level up you will get a Joker, with a Joker your can boost a soldier PowerTag value and make sure you win the current round, It is wise to answer with a Joker after your opponent place one of his high PowerTags soldiers. If you will start a round with a Joker, most chances that your opponent will spare one of his lowest PowerTags.


Grenade – every 5 levels up you will get a grenade, grenade explosion will eliminate 2 of your opponent soldiers. Grenade are most useful when you feel that your chances to win are run out, then one grenade can flip over the game and make you earn that extra bonus points as you win.

social war game

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